The Ukrainian Rotary Club
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Unity, cooperation and servicing guided by Rotary values for boosting post-war recovery and wide modernization of Ukraine and the world

Mission and values

Mission of Rotary Club "Kharkiv Renaissance"

To be the converters of a robust civic initiative into long-term human-centered projects to improve people’s lives and into bold programs of deep modernization in post-war Ukraine and throughout Europe

Rotary values

  • servicing
  • brotherhood
  • unity
  • diversity
  • leadership

For this purpose, three key directions for our public service were chosen:

  • international network cooperation with the countries of the global West
  • modern people-centric projects for the affected areas
  • dignity, social capital and trust

Three responses to the challenge of time

Response 1
Our Rotary Club was created in Kharkiv with the aim of uniting active public figures and caring businessmen who proactively engaged in volunteer, philanthropic and expert work during the war in Ukraine, with the aim of comprehensively supporting the processes of post-war reconstruction and post-war victorious modernization of Ukraine.
Response 2
Our club has united and established the cooperation of various Ukrainian and patriotic members who are located in various countries of Europe and the world, thereby strengthening our leverage in service in this difficult time.
Response 3
Our Club began working already having in its ‘portfolio’ unique and ambitious humanitarian and ‘digital’ recovery initiatives that can be confidently proposed for partnership - to cities, the global Rotary movement and governments - with a guaranteed perspective for the coming decades.

Members of the Club Board

Our vision of processes and impacting

How do we make an impact?

  • We combine our rich life & professional experience with breakthrough ideas and digital solutions from the academic environment and the ideas of Ukrainian entrepreneurs-inventors in order to find optimal solutions. We think globally, but act locally.
  • We are contributing additional sence to service by offering authentic mechanisms of action to some communities around us. That is, we offer ‘fishing rod’ instead of ‘fish.
  • In our activities, we rely on personal trust, broad international connections and networking in order to effect more targetedly, be stable over time & useful for a larger audience

What are outcomes?

  • implemented robust international humanitarian projects & partnerships in Ukraine and Europe, which offer a new & sustainable ecosystem of services for the formation of a 21st century person in it
  • contribution to local, national and European culture through creating more conditions for self-realization of a young educated person in
  • extended network of sustainable partnerships – inter-municipal, inter-Rotarian, international, strengthening the principles and demonstrating the values of the Rotary movement

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